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  • Dr. Setare Taabodi DNP, FNP-BC

Money Saving Tips on a Medical Medium Lifestyle

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Let's talk about money. The Medical Medium lifestyle is not cheap, but it is central to healing from our chronic health symptoms.

We live in a world where processed foods that were made in a factory are more affordable than foods that came from the earth. It’s not fair that we have to work this hard to be healthy, but this is the world that we are currently living in.

We need to adapt in order to have the best outcomes.

I do want to note that healing from chronic health symptoms is an investment. Once your symptoms have improved you can be a lot more flexible in your healing lifestyle. But in the meantime, investing in your health is the GREATEST GIFT YOU CAN GIVE TO YOURSELF! If you are sick, you cannot work. And even if you are able to hold down a job, you are not necessarily able to fully enjoy your life because you are dealing with stubborn symptoms that can make it difficult for you to be truly present and at peace. You deserve to heal and live a good life!

I wanted to share some things that I personally do in my life and what I recommend for my clients to make this lifestyle more financially sustainable.


*Buy in bulk:

We shop at Costco, which carries a lot of fresh and frozen organic produce. Other bulk stores in the U.S. include BJ's and Sam's Club.

*Farmer’s markets:

Farmer's markets can be more affordable for some people in certain areas, so I would strongly recommend trying to purchase from there if you can and support your local farmers.

*Produce wholesalers:

Produce wholesalers are an option if you have a large family and have the storage available. If you don't think you can consume all the produce you have purchased, you can try splitting it with neighbors, family, and friends. A simple google search of "produce wholesalers near me" can provide you with your options in your local community. Contact Alan Ritter @2produceclub for more information on how to save money on organic wholesale produce in your area.

*Grocery store discounts:

You can try calling your local grocery store in advance and ask if you can purchase produce in bulk for a discount. I know many people that call their local Sprouts or Whole Foods in advance and they will get a box of celery for 10% off.

Some Grocery Outlet stores have good organic produce, but it varies from location to location.

*Trader Joe's:

Trader Joe's has very affordable groceries. Whether you live in New Mexico or New York City, the prices are the same nation wide! They have a wide selection of organic produce at very affordable prices.

Do I need to buy organic?

In a perfect world we would buy organic EVERYTHING. If this is not available to you, please don't stress! You can purchase conventional produce and wash it very well with fragrance free dish soap (Seventh Generation or Biokleen).

Money saving grocery tips:

Frozen fruits and vegetables are a wonderful and cheaper alternative to fresh produce. Frozen is preferred over canned. I personally love purchasing frozen fruits for my smoothies and frozen broccoli, peas, and green beans.

Other healthy foods that are affordable include gluten free grains and legumes. While these are not necessarily the most healing foods, they are great ways to feel satiated on a healing diet. Look into bringing in organic quinoa, millet, brown rice, gluten free oatmeal, teff, and amaranth. Beans, lentils, and chickpeas are wonderful as well. Avoid canned legumes if possible.

Credit cards:

My husband is very big on using points and cash back deals from credit card companies. There several credit card companies that will give you cash back for groceries, so it is something worth looking into. I personally love the Amazon Prime Whole Foods credit card. If you are a prime member you get 5% cash back on your Amazon and Whole Foods purchases.

We also use the Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi and get 2% cash back on all of our Costco purchases. Since we are executive members, we get an additional 2% cash back.


We all know how incredible Vimergy supplements are. This company not only has high quality supplements, but they also have wonderful deals. For example, they are currently giving people a free large Lemon Balm tincture with purchase of their Micro C powder (that’s a $31 value for free!). They also offer deals when you purchase multiple items. They have sales several times a year, which is when I recommend people to stock up on their favorite herbs and supplements.

If Vimergy supplements are out of your price range or are not available to you, some wonderful supplement brands include Gaia, Pure Encapsulations, Hawaii Pharm, Eclectic Herb, and Nature’s Answer. You can purchase some of these brands from my Fullscript account and get 25% off.

If you cannot afford herbs and supplements I strongly recommend bringing in herbal teas. While they are not as concentrated as tinctures and capsules, they still offer so many healing benefits. I know a lot of my clients try to ration their supplements to make them last longer. If this is you, bring in the herbal tea in addition to your herbal supplement regimen to bring in more of those healing properties.


The Medical Medium cleanses are incredibly beneficial and can move the needle in one's healing journey. The 369 cleanses can really add up, but the mono cleanses are great for the bank account! Mono cleanses are incredibly beneficial for gastrointestinal conditions as well as neurological symptoms, and they are very affordable! I would recommend looking into the banana and potato mono cleanses for a powerful and affordable cleanse.

Brain shots

Brain shots are another powerful tool to help with symptoms. However, the ingredients for brain shots can really add up! I personally love the Nerve-Gut Acid Stabilizer as it has only one ingredient: cilantro or parsley.

Other affordable brain shots (with the least amount of ingredients) include:

Practitioner Support

Working with a practitioner is a big investment. But I can’t tell you how many of my clients wished that they had worked with me sooner because they were wasting so much time and money on things that weren’t serving them. Even if you can get one session with a practitioner, it will give you a great foundation and set you on the right path.

A lot of practitioners in the Medical Medium community have memberships and courses, and this is a great way to get support on your healing journey that is more affordable than 1:1 support. My POTS course runs twice a year, so please keep an eye out for that if you were interested in joining!

For 1:1 support please feel free to reach out! I am honored to support you on your journey back to health.

Financial resources

Underdog Warriors is a wonderful non-profit started by members of the Medical Medium community that provide scholarships to those that are in need of financial support, supplements, and practitioner support.

The Patron Project is a volunteer team in the Medical Medium community who help chronically ill individuals with GoFundMe fundraisers.


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