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Under the Sea

About Me

My Services

1:1 Coaching and Consulting: A Personal and Customized Approach

In order for me to provide the best and thorough care with the fastest results, I provide my clients with a 90 minute initial consultation and 45 minute follow up appointments. I also offer:

  • Unlimited email access for any questions you may have between visits with response within 24 hours

  • An individualized protocol detailing what we discussed after each session

  • Individualized meal plans and grocery lists

  • Individualized supplement recommendations

  • Lifestyle recommendations, including: exercises, stress reduction, non-toxic living strategies

  • Detoxification support

  • Emotional and motivational support

  • Guidance on how to navigate healthcare provider visits and medication management

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Online Course:

POTS Breakthrough: Everything you need to know to reverse your symptoms and get your life back. 

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Practitioner Support

This is available to health coaches, nurses, students, and other practitioners who are interested in gaining knowledge on how to help clients of varying complexities. This program is designed to help you establish your practice, grow your following, and get your clients the healing results they deserve.

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