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Under the Sea

About Me

My journey as a holistic and integrative nurse practitioner began in 2012 when I started my nursing career in a busy intensive care unit. There I was able to care for critically ill patients with life-threatening illnesses and injuries, and I was able to witness incredible recoveries. I always thought to myself, if these people can recover from a near-fatal car accident, then why can’t people heal from chronic digestive issues, autoimmune illnesses, and other chronic diseases?


Having firsthand experience of healing my own health issues and helping others do the same has shown me that people CAN reverse their chronic health conditions and THRIVE.


In 2021, I graduated with my doctorate in nursing and family nurse practitioner degree so that I could help people outside of the hospital. I had dreams of working in the primary care setting and helping people prevent and reverse chronic disease.


Little did I know that I would have very little time with my patients, and that I would be spending more time doing paperwork and arguing with insurance companies than actually helping people. That’s when I decided to start my own health consulting practice so that I could help people all around the world.


I take pride in my ability to help people heal. I am an experienced and intuitive practitioner, and I am passionate about helping people regain their health.


When I am not working, I am traveling the world with my wonderful husband, hiking in the mountains, napping on the beach, and feasting on some fresh fruit.


Setare Taabodi is a board certified family nurse practitioner and she holds a doctorate in nursing practice. She has over 10 years of healthcare experience, and she has certifications in nutrition and chronic disease, critical care, and trauma. She has worked in prestigious medical facilities all around the country, including Harvard teaching hospitals in Boston and top-ranking hospitals in New York City. She also serves as clinical faculty at the University of Nevada, Reno. 

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