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You Deserve to Feel Your Best

I know that you have been struggling for a long time.

I know that you have gone to so many doctors to try and get answers with no success.

I see you. Because I've been you.

I want you to know that there is ALWAYS a root cause to your symptoms.


Once we identify the root cause, healing is possible.

Let's work together using a holistic and integrative approach so that you can reverse your symptoms and feel like yourself again.

Your journey back to health starts with knowing the right information. I get to the root cause of your symptoms so we can finally get you the answers, relief, and health transformation you deserve.

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Hi, I’m Dr. Setare Taabodi.

Like many of you, I struggled with POTS, autoimmune illness, hormone imbalances, and digestive issues for years with no real answers or improvements. When conventional Western medicine provided no answers, I researched and experimented with alternative and natural methods. I immersed myself in functional medicine, herbalism, nutritional healing protocols, plant-based diets, and the teachings of Anthony William (The Medical Medium®).


After spending years experimenting and learning about the power of food, supplements, and herbs, I was able to heal my own chronic health conditions naturally using a holistic and evidence-based approach.


The most amazing thing I learned is that your body has the wisdom to heal itself: it just needs to be provided with the right environment to do so.


You don't need to suffer any longer. I would be honored to guide you on your journey to health.



While many healthcare providers have a poor understanding of chronic illness, I understand that people with chronic health issues can have various symptoms and have multiple health problems. Creating a holistic and individualized health plan is essential to helping you get your health back.

I offer my clients a high touch and deeply personalized concierge service. I will hold your hand and guide you every step of the way. 


1:1 Virtual Consultations and Coaching

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Nutritional Therapy

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Detoxification Support

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Functional Medicine Lab Testing


Herbal Medicine


Lifestyle Changes

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Concierge Medicine

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Access to discounted supplements


Individualized Meal Plans

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Motivational and Emotional Support

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What Others Are Saying

"Setare is a natural-born healer and one of the most empathetic people I have ever known. What sets her apart from other healers is her truly open mind and balanced view when it comes to allopathic vs. holistic approaches to health.

So knowledgeable, so relatable, and always overflowing with compassion. She has been hugely supportive of me during my low lows on the chronic illness healing journey, and equally my cheerleader for all of the high highs."

J.S. | Mexico

"Setare was the biggest help when I was suffering from gastrointestinal issues. She provided detailed, thorough, and tailored advice, resources, and guidance that helped me feel better quickly. Not only that, she was incredibly empathetic and the best supporter and cheerleader! She understands the mental aspect of having digestive troubles and made me feel hopeful and in control of my health. I cannot recommend her enough!"

K.B. | Colorado

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If you have any questions, please schedule a 20 minute introductory call.

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