"Setare has SO much knowledge about health and nutrition, not just from her training but also from her own personal experience. She helped me make sense of how confusing the health information is out there and was able to provide answers for all my questions/ailments that actually makes sense. She is truly an expert on autoimmune conditions and how to heal, and knows first hand how much the traditional medical community can get it wrong and overlook so many of us. While working with her, I was able to come off two medications and eliminate dairy, gluten, soy, processed foods and added sugars for GOOD with ease! She is such a compassionate coach and healer and I am so grateful to her for helping me to heal."

J. M. | California

Under the Sea

What Others Are Saying

"Setare was the biggest help when I was suffering from gastrointestinal issues. She provided detailed, thorough, and tailored advice, resources, and guidance that helped me feel better quickly. Not only that, she was incredibly empathetic and the best supporter and cheerleader! She understands the mental aspect of having digestive troubles and made me feel hopeful and in control of my health. I cannot recommend her enough!"

K.B. | Colorado

"Setare is such a natural healer. Within the first 5 minutes of my consultation I knew she was exactly what I needed on my care team to bridge the gap between western medicine and the medical medium information. Setare has done just that and so much more. After sending her 150 pages of past lab work, she went through every test and gave me a clear explanation of why certain things were occurring in my body and how to correct it. I had spent 3 years searching for answers and in just an hour and a half Setare was able to answer every single one. I am so thankful for everything Setare has done to accelerate and support me in my healing journey!"

 J. S.  | Colorado

“For the past 10 years I have been struggling with dysautonomia and adrenal fatigue. I saw a lot of doctors with no real answers. Setare offers exactly what I had been missing all of these years, a consultation coaching program specifically developed to meet my needs with the ability to check in more frequently. I am just over a month into my individualized program and I’ve already experienced very positive results. Dr. Setare is an amazing listener, she’s empathetic, well educated and trained. I can’t thank Dr. Setare enough."

L.R. | Oregon

“After my mom's first consultation, she told me for the first time since she got sick that she felt hopeful.

We switched her diet and put her on the supplements Setare suggested. Her bloating and indigestion improved within days! Her joint pain and liver enzymes also improved! She is no longer on blood pressure medication and we have reduced her cholesterol medication. We couldn’t have done it without Setare’s help. My mom’s life has meaning again, and she can see the light at the end of the tunnel."

M.L. | South Korea

"I was inspired to work with Setare when I learned her journey was similar to mine. Before working together I was at rock bottom with POTS and not a single doctor or naturopath understood what I was experiencing. The single most exciting moment for me was finally being able to walk farther than I had been able to walk in months! Noticeable changes I experienced while working together included being able to walk farther, stand up longer, and cook for myself more."

 F. R. | California

"After having my consultation with Setare I knew she was the right fit because not only was she going to give me a diet/supplements to follow, she went over ALL of my lab work/ test results. I enjoyed being able to write to her whenever I had a question regarding the protocol or just a new symptom question. For the first time I felt like someone was there for me and cared about what I was feeling. Dr. Setare always answered my questions in a timely manner, made me feel HEARD and even adjusted supplements if needed. I had a wonderful month learning and healing with Dr. Setare."

 S.M. | New York

“Dr. Setare is so amazing! She helped me get my life back. I highly recommend working with her if you suffer from POTS or any other chronic illness. I noticed a difference within the first week of trying the diet. She helps you every step of the way and answers questions very quickly. She creates a plan that is achievable for you and gradually builds on it as you start feeling better. She’s so friendly and truly cares about her clients' well being. Don’t hesitate to schedule a consult!”

S.W. | West Virginia

"I really enjoyed working with Setare. It was the first time in 3 years I was actually discussing how to heal and not just how to hide the symptoms. I could feel that she was genuinely interested in getting positive results and at the same time always super professional and reliable. With background in conventional medicine, I felt safe with her recommendations, in addition she always had something add to the subject. I personally came out of the process with more energy and motivation to continue healing."

M.M. | Norway

"Setare is a natural-born healer and one of the most empathetic people I have ever known. What sets her apart from other healers is her truly open mind and balanced view when it comes to allopathic vs. holistic approaches to health.

Unlike other practitioners, Setare meets everyone where they’re at, never judging or shaming others for their experience or varied approaches to health. I think this is due to her unique experience as a nurse practitioner who turned to holistic health when medicine was no longer serving her. She is able to understand all points of view and incorporate her nuanced experience into working with her clients.

So knowledgeable, so relatable, and always overflowing with compassion. She has been hugely supportive of me during my low lows on the chronic illness healing journey, and equally my cheerleader for all of the high highs."

J.S. | Mexico

"I don’t usually write reviews but my experience with Setare has compelled me to share what an amazing difference it made in my life, so that others who are struggling with their health can do the same. I sought out Setare after years of battling with chronic fatigue, weight gain, bloating, and overall not feeling myself. None of the conventional doctors were any help, as my objective indicators of health such as my blood pressure, heart rate, lab values etc., were of normal value. I tried their suggestions of eating their ‘balanced diet’, increasing my physical activity, and even prescription medications, but it didn’t make a difference. I decided to look into holistic medicine and Setare was recommended by a friend. Her empathetic, calm demeanor was a breath of fresh air and we connected immediately.  She made me feel so comfortable talking about my health issues.  Her individualized plan of care tailored just for me was easy to follow and I learned so much in the process! I feel like a new person. I have so much more energy, no more bloating, smoother skin, and I even attained my goal weight and STAYED there! I cannot thank Setare enough for changing my life!"

E.V. | Connecticut

"I am very satisfied with Setare’s services. She listens & has an understanding of the issues at hand. She is very engaged with her
patients. Setare is passionate about her work with people. I highly recommend her."

A.W. | California

"My body wasn't healthy and a trip to the ER finally forced me to acknowledge that. The doctors there ruled out some causes, but still didn't provide much for an explanation. Setare was able to help me identify what was at the core of my poor health and provided the care and resources I needed to start living better. I highly recommend Setare for anyone  looking for holistic care or advice."

D.L. | Nevada

"I am so grateful I found Setare. Her belief in the possibility of healing and her knowledge around healthy lifestyle was a gamechanger on my healing journey. Forever grateful and highly recommend!

P. P. | Switzerland

"Setare is extremely well informed in both Eastern and Western medical practices. You can tell that she understands what you're going through, and is passionate about getting your diet and gut health to an optimal place. After speaking to her, I had big realizations about my lifestyle, physical needs, and how anxiety contributes to my digestive pain. She was super nurturing during a stressful time in my life, which in turn made me feel comfortable sharing everything I needed to with her, something that I have trouble doing with most doctors."

C.K. | New York